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Beautiful and interesting ovula shells!
Date:2014-03-12   Hits:click

Ovula shells is really very interesting!
A lot of small size less than 1cm but very beautiful species! 
I share some very beautiful pictures,They are take photo by myself!
Photos of them is very trouble, but I like this job!
If you want use or share the pictures in the Internet,
Please indicate: images from "wulovef.com",Thanks!

Margovula lacrima (Cate, 1973) 
From East China Sea, 8.86mm , GEM!

Serratovolva luteocincta (Celzard, A., 2008)
From East China Sea, 7.4mm , GEM!

Primovula singularis (Cate, C.N., 1973)
From East China Sea, 5.7mm, GEM!

Cuspivolva habui (Cate,1973)
From East China Sea, 6.6mm, GEM!


Rotaovula hirohitoi (Cate & Azuma in Cate, 1973)
From Japan Sea, 5.6mm and 6.8mm , GEM !

Dentiovula septemmacula (Azuma, 1973)
From Japan Sea, 7mm and 7.8mm, GEM !

Serratovolva minabeensis (Cate, C.N., 1975)
East China Sea, 7.7mm,GEM!

From Japan Sea, 9.4mm , GEM!

Pseudosimnia incisa (Azuma & Cate, 1971)
From Japan Sea, 5.3mm , GEM!

Carpiscula procera (Fehse, 2009) 
From East China Sea, 9.2mm,GEM!

Will add more pictures ,,,

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